John McAfee and Bitcoin

According to John McAfee, one of the most popular cryptocurrency-based celebrities in the crypto space has recently told AMBCrypto that Bitcoin definitely deserves to be the No. 1 in the crypto market.

“Why don’t we look at the last Bitcoin? We have thousands of people to mine one coin. What is that coin going to be worth? Maybe billions. Mathematics doesn’t lie. Say what you want, mathematics doesn’t lie. If it’s not a million dollars in 2020, it has to be. The end of 2020, December. That’s my prediction, I’m going to stand by it…it is the number 1 coin for processing transactions. Run the numbers. No matter what the price of Bitcoin, you cannot lose money by mining Bitcoin. Let’s say the price drops to $2000, everybody gets out, and the difficulty rate drops to zero, and you’re cranking out millions of coins per day. Stay true, stay the course, and hold. There is no such thing as a wealthy short-term investor.”